What should I do?

Sorry for the filler. But I think it shows quite good how I'm feeling about my project.
I don't know if I can continue my project. I've got no motivation to take photos.
I love this site and community and learned so much since January. I don't want to leave.
But since last week I haven't even touched my camera. Is this right?
Maybe I should pause a month and come back with new motivation? Or trying to hold on and maybe upload a few fillers on days I can't take a photo?
take your time girl! :) wir alle haben diese phasen, ich habe auch stellenweise tagelang bilder in meinem project, wo ich denke "eigentlich gehen die gaaar nicht!", zwing dich zu nichts, dann kommt die motivation von allein zurück! ich würde mich freuen, wenn du dabei bleibst! :)
posted October 22nd, 2012  
@agentzuckerguss Danke :) Mein Problem ist, dass ich ja zum Studieren in einer anderen Stadt wohne und ich durch das ständige rumgefahre nie Lust habe, meine Kamera mitzunehmen. Wenn ich dann mal daheim bin, habe ich keine Lust, Fotos zu machen :(
Aber ja. Ich bleibe schon dabei :) Frühling und Sommer sind einfach besser für schöne Fotos :)
Immer wenn ich Lust habe zu fotografieren, ist schmuddeliges wetter :D
posted October 22nd, 2012  
Oh, I'm so sorry, Kathrin, I pressed the delete button by mistake. :-[ Very embarrassed now. Anyway, I hope you're feeling better about it all real soon. Hang on in there! This is a really cute shot.
posted October 22nd, 2012  
“How about waiting until you feel like it to take another picture? Don't make yourself do it. It will take the pressure off. Once the pressure to find something each day is off, you could find that inspiration comes back.

Maybe your brain just needs to do something else for a while as a kind of holiday. It's sometimes a good idea to do something that concentrates on a different sense for a while - play/listen to music, or do something with your hands - like a craft, or some baking. I think it's possible to kind of overload our senses and we need to give them a bit of a break now and then.

Alternatively, if you don't feel comfortable about having gaps, how about Get Pushed? I've seen people saying on discussion threads how much it's helped them when this happened to them. You get someone else's input and they will provide you with things to try that you hadn't thought of. Also I think maybe looking at different people's work in order to work out how to 'push' them will give you some inspiration.

Hope that helps a little. Don't leave, Kathrin!
Love this shot, btw - so cute! ”

Thank you so much for your encouraging words :) I'll be back! :)
posted October 22nd, 2012  
@tandem02 Aw, bless you!! Hugs.xx
posted October 22nd, 2012  
@dulciknit Thanks so much :)
posted October 22nd, 2012  
I have been feeling just like this too. For a few days this week I didn't even take the camera to work. Sometimes we need to pause but the enthusiasm will return. In fact, looking at your droplet photos, it already has. They are beautiful.
posted October 25th, 2012  
@sunworshipper Thanks so much, Yvonne :) Hope you feel good with taking photos at the moment :)
posted October 25th, 2012  
Adorable shot
posted November 21st, 2012  
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