Blank walls are a shared canvas and we're all artists. —Carla H. Krueger
I saw this as I was walking along a river trail near my office, and I wondered about the intended message.
Its actually very clever artwork and quickly done!
posted November 7th, 2017  
@maggiemae I thought so as well!
posted November 8th, 2017  
I like photographing graffiti, as well. This is a nice shot. I appreciate the way you've captured the patterns and texture of the wall, as apart from and in contrast to the graffiti, itself, which is quite interesting. I believe this seems to be a simple (or perhaps not so simple)protestation of love. Like "George loves Sally." The heart in the middle seems to mean "loves". The right symbol seems to be a Rose (or maybe, Rosa or Rosie.) It's hard to know who Skeleton might be. I like your photo.
posted November 8th, 2017  
@mbrutus thank you for the feedback! The names, and especially Skeleton, made me chuckle.
posted November 8th, 2017  
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