Watchdoin Poppo 2020 by terryliv

Watchdoin Poppo 2020

Happy New Year to everyone on 365. Hope you all have a great 2020.

Continuing my series on the passing of the years as evidenced by the growing up of grand daughter Maggie. As Topol sang "Quickly flow the years . . . "

See to follow your way back to the start.

My ongoing thanks to Denise @lyndemc for suggesting this all those years ago.

To show just how much I have lost my phojo, I took this in portrait mode. I have no idea why. It has buggered up the whole project

Hope you see this Denise @lyndemc
January 2nd, 2020  
That CANNOT be the same little girl that I met not so long ago. Wonderful portrait mode. ;-) How you been Terry? I see you're on here about as often as I am. Trying once again to be a regular - we'll see how long that lasts. Hi to Nana!
January 2nd, 2020  
Happy New Year Terry! How lovely to see your post this morning! Wow how tall Maggie has grown! It has been lovely to see her each year! Wishing you and Rhoda and all your family all the very best for 2020! I hope you are safe away from the terrible fires we are seeing on TV!
January 2nd, 2020  
Hi Pam. Thanks for your wishes and a very Happy New Year to you
We are OK wrt the bush fires in Brisbane. That said, if Mt Cootha ever goes up, we will be in deep doo doos. Everyone has their fingers crossed that that won't happen. As for the poor buggers down south, it is truly horrifying what is happening to them. But it is the wildlife that I feel most sorry for. Reported this morning that they estimate that something like 500 million birds, animals and reptiles may have been lost. They are also speculating that entire species may have been wiped out. But until the useless bunch of climate change deniers that "govern" this country wake up, we will just have to learn to live with these conditions in the future.

On a lighter note, Rhoda and I will be over your way from mid April until early June. We will be based at our daughters place in Ealing and barring unforeseen circumstances eg Rhoda falling off a bike and breaking her arm, we intend to spend some time up in the Dales and in the Lakes District. We have already committed to a 2 week jaunt around Norway.

All the best for the new year.
January 2nd, 2020  
Welcome back Terry! Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year too. A wonderful series of photos showing how time flies. I also just realise that I am getting older when I see the grandchildren. Wishing you a blessed 2020 😊
January 2nd, 2020  
Nice to hear from you again Terry, its a great idea just ran there the years its amazing how she has change only wish I had thought of that with my grandchildren, hope you have a happy healthy and peaceful 2020:)
January 2nd, 2020  
I just went through the series, what a fantastic idea. I use my Christmas grandchild photo every year for the same overall idea. So nice to see you again. Maggie is beautiful!
January 2nd, 2020  
What an amazing transformation over the years! They sure grow up quickly. Great to see you back - as I back off!! When are you coming down to Vic??
January 2nd, 2020  
Lovely every year!
January 2nd, 2020  
Happy New Year Terry. This is such a great idea.
January 2nd, 2020  
Hi Terry, Happy New Year from Calgary, Canada; I hope 2020 is good to you, Rhoda and the extended family!
January 2nd, 2020  
Terry! This is so wonderful, seeing Maggie again! Her beautiful blue eyes continue to steal the show, and how she has grown into a darling young gal. Hope all is well with you and your family. Happy 2020 to all. (Please thank Maggie for her willingness to pose again this year.)
January 3rd, 2020  
The lovely Maggie, so nice to see her again.
Nice to here from you again Poppo and pleased to hear you are safe, the pictures we are seeing of the devastation are heart breaking.
If you are in my neck of the woods on your visit, please feel free to drop by, its pretty flat here so Rhoda should be safe, and who knows I could turn out to be another one of her long lost relatives from round these parts!
Take care in the meantime Poppo and I'll look out for when you next drop by here
January 6th, 2020  
Sweet shot Poppo! So nice to see you "pop" up again! Happy New Year!
January 7th, 2020  
February 18th, 2020  
Don't know when you'll be liable to make it back to 365, but I do hope that it will be sooner rather than later. Hopefully you and your family will be spared the worst impacts of the Coronavirus. May you all be safe and well.
April 5th, 2020  
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