Concentrate Vivvie by terryliv

Concentrate Vivvie

She's off and running.
It seems like yesterday that I posted the photo of Vivvie in hospital a couple of days after she was born with tubes attached to her. See

Well she is now walking - just. Those legs had better be strong to support her. She is a chunk.
If I had known she was going to do this, I would have cleaned up the deck a bit.
@lyndemc This is the photo I was talking about Denise
October 16th, 2016  
Very cute and a momentous milestone :)
October 16th, 2016  
A very special capture :)
October 16th, 2016  
I love that look of concentration on her face. She's adorable.
October 16th, 2016  
Such a cute little one -- and so excited about her mobility!
October 16th, 2016  
Wow gorgeous little cutie beautifully capture Terry, I thought Vivvie was just dancing, love her expression:)
October 16th, 2016  
Gorgeous, I love the look of concentration.
October 16th, 2016  
I knew this was your photo as soon as it scrolled down - I picked the decking, even if I've never been there!! Vivvie (my friend's granddaughter is Vivi!) certainly has grown up! Love the capture :)
October 16th, 2016  
OK, she is waaaaayyyyyy too cute!!! Lucky Grampa.
October 16th, 2016  
Cute girl!
October 17th, 2016  
What a delightful little sweetie...
October 17th, 2016  
Yay, and she's up and going! She must be delighted.
October 17th, 2016  
@terryliv Oh my goodness! How she's grown!! Great catch, snapping those first steps in action. (And just look at all those happy plants. My brom pups are all huge now. I'm looking forward to their blessing with me with a flower one of these months. Of course I always think of you when I'm watering them...)
October 18th, 2016  
So sweet!
October 22nd, 2016  
@terryliv HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU!! Celebrate like crazy!
November 21st, 2016  
@lyndemc Ha Ha. Thanks Denise. I nearly fell over when I jumped into 365 for the first time in ages and saw there was a notification for me. I will be posting my traditional birthday photo today taken with my birthday present - a new 80D (no Mk III for me.) I forgot to take the shot on my birthday so will cheat and change the date on the camera. Don't tell anyone.
You may be interested to know that we no longer have Maggie and Vivie here in Oz with us - or Rohan and Sally either for that matter but who worries about them? :-) They have moved to the US with Sally's work and are now living in Birch Bay, Washington. BB is just below the Canadian Border. Vancouver is the nearest city.
We are flying over on 12 Dec to spend Christmas with them - our first "White Christmas". Another bucket list item ticked off. To guarantee it is white, Rohan has booked us all into Big White, a ski resort up near Kelowna in British Columbia. He has told us what we are getting for Christmas - what a hoot. I will be posting shots of it in 365.
They are only in Birch Bay for about 4 months and then they will be moving to Naperville, near Chicago for 15 months or so. Not that for from you? (I tried to find the posting where you told me where you lived in Il but couldn't locate it). We hope to visit them again towards the end of 2017 in Naperville. It's all happening.
November 23rd, 2016  
@lyndemc I meant to say that now that I have a new camera, I guess I had better start posting again.
November 23rd, 2016  
I've just read your post about your family moving. I've lost my daughter and her family to Canada (her husband is Canadian). We would be there for Christmas too but feel we should let them have their first Christmas with their Canadian family. I hope you start posting and share your trip with us.

Vivie is adorable! I'm sure you miss her and Maggie as much as I miss my three littlies.
November 24th, 2016  
@bella_ss Yeah, it is a bugger. They have been such a big part of our lives for the past 4 years - and we a part of theirs. They have only been gone a week and Skype is already getting a hammering.
We have 7 grandkids - 3 boys who live in London, 2 girls who live in Sydney and now 2 girls in the US. We are starting to get a complex.
November 24th, 2016  
@terryliv I can see why, haha! We are lucky to still have six here and only three in Canada but those three have been a huge part of my life too. Going from seeing them almost every day to the occasional skype is hard. The time difference is so hard!
November 24th, 2016  
@terryliv I read these notes the other day but wasn't going to attempt responding on my phone. I'm horrible at typing on that itty-bitty screen. Anyway, my sympathies for your having 'lost' your family to the continent across the pond. It works out wonderfully for me as I do believe I may have the opportunity to meet you someday at this rate when you visit them in Naperville which is only a mere four hours away. (I live in the Monmouth, IL area.) I'll have to sweet-talk Maggie and Vivie into sharing you for at least 10 minutes.

Congrats on that new 80D ~ sweet camera! And by the way, where's the birthday shot??? A new camera calls for a comeback to 365... hint~hint.
November 25th, 2016  
Did the backflip, Rhoda took the shots but they were not good. Need to get better acquainted with the 80D. Cloudy here at present so will wait for a bit more sun before trying again.
November 26th, 2016  
I see I'm not the only one lagging a bit on 365. Holy cow, Vivian has grown so much since I saw her just a short time ago! Had any wings lately?
November 26th, 2016  
@stray_shooter Hey stranger. I am trying for one posting a month. Pretty difficult :-)
As you can see from my comments to Denise above, Rohan and family have now been residents of Birch Bay, WA for 1 week.
We had the obligatory pig out on Farewell Wings on the Monday before they left. Yum!!!
We leave here on 12 Dec and fly to Vancouver where Rohan will pick us up. Christmas is in Big White - near Kelowna BC. We fly back home on 1 Jan.
How are all your travels going? Have you been at home at all?
November 26th, 2016  
@terryliv One photo a month is pretty ambitious. Congrats on the new camera. Can't wait to see some of the treats that you'll be posting for our enjoyment. Only one more month to go for that. I picked up a new cameral myself recently - photos of which and taken by which to be posted soon (probably tomorrow since it's football day and I'm unlikely to step one foot out of the door). Travels are done for several months, and I'm quite happy to be back home. I'll have to try and get hold of Rohan and Sally. As I posted somewhere else I do have to run up to the state of Washington (which they are barely in) in March or so.
November 27th, 2016  
@terryliv I can wait patiently for that pic.
November 28th, 2016  
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