Day 16 - Tanami Track by terryliv

Day 16 - Tanami Track

First thing the next morning we all went for a walk for a few kilometres along the Tanami Track while the two workers finished packing up.
Bottom shot shows the corrugations in the road.

Don't bother to comment - just telling a story.

We have now left the map at showing our tour up to the start of Day 15.

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Need to drive on the corrugated roads to see how bumpy it is. Nice pics
July 10th, 2015  
Hot and dusty walk :)
July 10th, 2015  
ha ha…. much rather be walkin than driving on those corrugations.
July 10th, 2015  
Nightmare to travel on. Remember roads like this from a trip to South Africa. They give you a constant vibration as well as bumpiness. Great shot showing the detail
July 10th, 2015  
Much the same as some of the bush roads here only wider.Nice shot Terry
July 10th, 2015  
We call these dashboards. Walking is better than driving on them.
July 10th, 2015  
Some of these interesting roads almost shakes your fillings out and dry's the mouth, lovely pair of images Terry:)
July 10th, 2015  
Love the texture.
July 11th, 2015  
Great shots and collage, Poppo!
July 12th, 2015  
I grew up calling these washboards I guess cause they resemble the rows on the old washboards (I've seen them, not really old enough to have used them!) But if you don't have rattles in your vehicle, these will shake everything loose and start them.
July 25th, 2015  
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