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UPDATE: I finished my first 365 project in January 2013. I found I needed a break and life is busy so I've been away for most of the past year. I've decided it's time to get the brain and the camera working again so I think I'm going to give it a go again. It seemed like a good idea to start on the first day of the new year so..... here we go- 1 January 2014! I'm not yet sure how I'm going to approach the year but I learned a lot the last time around so I think I'll just see where the year takes me.

I live in Melbourne, Victoria. I'm a mum with 2 kids who will most likely feature regularly here! I've enjoyed photography for a long time but the time I have to dedicate to it seems to come and go. Last year it really seemed to fall by the wayside as I got busy with other things. But I've realized that I want to get back to something that I really enjoy.

I've started this 365 project to help give me some incentive to keep the camera handy. I also enjoy trying my hand at post-processing though I'm even more of an amateur at that.

I enjoy lots of different kinds of photography but I especially like macro and would love to develop more skills in that area.

If you are looking at my photos- please feel free to comment and critique. I'm always open to suggestions for doing a better job the next time around. If you like something I post- even better! :)