Calling All Earthlings ... !

We are, perhaps,
uniquely among the earth's creatures,
the worrying animal.
We worry away our lives,
fearing the future,
discontent with the present,
unable to take in the idea of dying,
unable to sit still.

- Lewis Thomas



Had a fab bunch of friends around today for an early dinner and the subjects thrown around the table included 4x4 trips into the African bush, safaris, game spotting, sunsets, home-baked bread over the fire, beers, g&t's, dangerous encounters, photography and much much more. It was a fantastic evening, full of laughs. The time has come now to plan a trip to Mana Pools, Zimbabwe. Earth Day, today, was remembered, embraced and well celebrated by all!

Nicely done!
posted April 22nd, 2012  
Our minister talked about not worrying about the small stuff this morning. Happy earth day.
posted April 22nd, 2012  
What a brilliant photo, conceptually and in its execution. FAB!
posted April 23rd, 2012  
Fantastic pic and concept! I applaud!!
posted April 23rd, 2012  
Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your friends - I love all the topics of conversation! The originality of your photos always amazes me!
posted April 23rd, 2012  
Wonderful shot. Number 1 it is.
posted April 23rd, 2012  
Worrying sboutthe time
posted April 23rd, 2012  
good photo
posted April 23rd, 2012  
Lucky 7!
posted April 24th, 2012  
Love the poem for today. So true.
posted April 24th, 2012  
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