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Critiques gladly accepted. The Blue Gnu returns home to Cape Town to settle for a while. A girl with a nomadic streak. Ex-graphic designer (sold my business after 20 years). I tend to wander our wonderful planet (on and off), often volunteering along route in remote places - always with camera in hand. Love the outdoors and nature - textures, colours, contrasts, patterns, the abstract, the spontaneous and the absurd.

For 3 years I religiously took a photo-a-day. It was easier back then when I was nomadic and my surroundings changed ever 6 to 12 weeks. Now back home and a little more settled (aggh!) it's become a little harder. I'm not stressing though. I'm taking pictures when I can and posting pics when I can. I'm not too worried if the dates don't match up. The important thing now is that I want to continue being a part of this wonderful community and this is the only way I know how.

My travel blog: www.experience-collector.blogspot.com


PS: If you ever step on Cape Town shores, please look me up. :)