Abby, Our Senior Citizen by thendrix58

Abby, Our Senior Citizen

My girl, Abby, is almost 17 yrs old so I wanted to document that despite she being a cat (which alot of folks are scared of), she has been a sweetpea to me, Bill and Kyle. I've been preparing myself for the inevitable so every moment is meaningful. Tonight, she was reacting to me like I was a paranoid mom. I gotta love that about her. Pets are the ties that can sometime hold our Human Ties together. Love that!
17 years! Thats a heap of love and companionship! She is a lovely fluffy puss and it will be sad when she leaves this world. You have just got to contemplate the world without her but still love that she is there every day!
November 22nd, 2014  
@maggiemae You are so right, Maggie! I keep telling her to be sure to look for me in Heaven! :)))
December 21st, 2014  
Sweet capture- 17 yrs of unconditional love and lots of meoooow:)
January 2nd, 2015  
Btw thanks for the fav/comment andHappy New Year:)
January 2nd, 2015  
She's certainly gotten her 9 lives worth of life and then some! No wonder you're so attached. Cute shot!
January 3rd, 2015  
How sweet! Love the curled up pose.
March 7th, 2015  
@joemuli @olivetreeann I'm so late in thanking you guys for the sweet comments! Appreciate it!
March 7th, 2015  
@kwind Thank you, my friend! That old furry girl runs our entire household! haha!
March 7th, 2015  
Super cute capture!
March 8th, 2015  
Wow. 17 - what a cutie
March 20th, 2015  
where are you Ms Terry!!
May 19th, 2015  
@cheribug Hi, Cheryl! I'm alive! haha! Miss all of you guys so much. My lame excuse is that I work like a dog and I'm super busy with taking care of my beautiful, loving aging mom and in-laws. Life is good, don't get me wrong! I've been taking a few pics here and there but haven't had the change to share them. Miss y'all terribly and I'm so touched that you thought about me! Big Hug! :-)))
June 2nd, 2015  
I was happy to see that smiling face and comment on my moon shot! You have your hands full so it's understandable that you're not here as often as you'd like- but you're doing the right thing! Beautiful shot of your beautiful cat!
August 24th, 2015  
@olivetreeann Ann! Hi !!! So happy to hear from you! And you are so sweet to understand what keeps me away from you guys! Hugging you from afar! I hope to be able to retire sometime soon when I'll be able to recharge my camera battery (which has been collecting dust for a while) and get back to what I love (meaning learning how to take decent pics to share with my beloved 365 Friends!) I MISS Y'ALL! :-))))))
August 30th, 2015  
Happy Christmas, Terry! Hope your day is filled full of happiness and laughter!
December 24th, 2016  
@maggiemae Hi there, Maggie!!! My eyes watered when I got your lovely Christmas message! I'm so touched that you thought about me! Christmas here was crazy but in a good way here! It's always at our house and I cooked my little tookus off but it was all delicious and we all laughed and laughed recounting previous Christmas funny stories. I hope yours was wonderful, too, my kind and faraway friend! Hugs to you and yours!!!
December 29th, 2016  
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