First Moscow Mule by thendrix58

First Moscow Mule

My new friend, Edie who is from Pittsburgh recommended what is a new drink for me (but been around forever) and said it is perfect for this time of year because it's refreshing. Moscow Mule. She told me that it needs to be prepared in a Moscow Mule copper mug which, of course, I googled up a storm. Not having the energy tonight to hunt for them, I improvised. I used for the first time the pewter tankard that was given to we high school seniors in 1976 which has been a pencil holder ever since! I took this pic for her. She just texted me asking if I was sipping on one yet and I told her yes and she was right. (I had never heard of Ginger Beer either and it's not alcoholic so why do they call it beer? I need to get out more!)
Hey, Terry - a big hello! We have ginger beer now manufactured in Oamaru at a Brewery - 5% alcohol! I haven't tasted it yet. I love the way you have captured the condensation on this tankard! If you are sweltering in this Northern hemisphere heat - this is so appealing! We are looking at snow all around on our mountains but we STILL like beer!
June 20th, 2015  
@maggiemae Hi there, my friend! I always appreciate your nice critique of anything I send but I gotta say, I had nothing to do with the condensation on that tankard or stein(?)--I need to google the difference! It was just plain muggy and hot outside! I couldn't believe that you were dealing with snow while we're sweating up a storm down here! As far as beer, well, it's good stuff 365 days a year! :-)))))
June 24th, 2015  
I expect Frankenstein might be able to offer the difference in the word?
June 24th, 2015  
@maggiemae Hahaha, you are probably right! Bottomline, is that the vessel I had was a large 16-20 oz stainless/aluminum big old mug that held alot of whatever spirits you'd want to pour into it....and that's all I know! haha! Happy Friday, my funny friend!
June 28th, 2015  
@thendrix58 Not sure if you got my meaning Terry! 'Franken..stein"? A german word for tankard! How's tricks?
June 28th, 2015  
@maggiemae I got your joke, Maggie! So, about the tricks...let's just say not much is happening here except rain, rain and more rain! It's been hard for us to have a sunshining smile on our faces lately but I smile anyway! Hope all is well with you and yours!
July 1st, 2015  
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