Abby's Food by thendrix58

Abby's Food

Cat food. Boring subject. We have a 17 yr old girl who has never had wet food because our vet back in the day said, "All cats should only have dry food." Feeling guilty that she has eaten the same sh*t for years so I decided to try some wet food for her. She turned up her nose year after year. We have an outside cat who Bill adores and buys wet food for him. Tried that, but QueenBee nixed it. hubby brought home something new....Sheba Perfect Portions. Sheba? I haven't seen a commercial for them in years. This old cranky girl scarfed it up like it was her last meal. Bill went to Target to stock up. I was taken by the architectural formation of a bunch of this cat food sitting in our pantry. (She only likes chicken. Salmon? Nope.) Take notes, cat lovers!
What a neat name for cat food! Our cat leaves us guessing as to what and when she brings it up all over the carpet! Great design on these containers - designed to catch the eye! Good your cat is still around! Give her a hug from me!
August 30th, 2015  
I guess they named it Sheba after the Queen of Sheba. Was she a picky eater too? I don't know but even though I don't own a cat, I know plenty of people that do, and would be able to duplicate your story!
August 30th, 2015  
cool shot ... Enjoyed reading your comments about the cat food. I've been there with finicky cats! Glad you found something Abby likes.
March 4th, 2017  
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