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2018. Thank you all so much for welcoming me back. I thought you would all have forgotten me by now!! 2017 disappeared under caring for a seriously ill husband and endless hospital visits. He is now housebound so I am spending a lot of time at home. I'm intending to use some of this time to kick start my return to 365.
2016This is the third year of my 365 journey. I do so enjoy the opportunities that 365 offers. I have made many friends from al over the world and and learnt so much but I still have much too learn.
2014 I bought my first camera early in June 2014. I went headfirst into the 365 project on the same day and booked myself into a half day course with a lovely and encouraging local tutor who is a great support. I had never taken many photographs before but was looking for an interest which fitted into my current lifestyle and this seemed to tick all the boxes. It was a great decision but without the support, help and encouragement of all the amazing people on here I would never have got started. I can now honestly say I have never used the auto setting and in spite of some very mixed outcomes I am gaining in confidence. I am still on a huge learning curve with my camera let alone processing which I have very little idea about. However I am loving my time on here and all the friends I am making. I get so much pleasure from looking at your work and it teaches me so much. Thank you all for your support.
My pictures which made it to the PP. Thank you Alexis for setting this up.

June 2014. I've just bought my first DSLR. I'm on a very steep learning curve don't know if I'll ever get the hang of all the knobs and buttons but I thought a 365 project might be enough motivation to get me to persevere!
I fall into the 'active retired' bracket so learning is a slower process than it was! However I really do want to be able to leave the 'Auto' dial behind so here goes. All constructive criticism very welcome