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Critiques are always appreciated and requested.

Year 4. 2015 I seem to be stuck. I hope some of the challenges can move me along. I probably won't be posting every day, but I do plan on posting every week.

I am now entering my third year on 365. I have loved every bit of it, and have grown in so many ways. Work has been grueling this year, but I will try to stay focused and posting. Please excuse any lapses in posting or commenting. I will always come back during vacation times.

Update for the beginning of year two, 2013. The plan for this year is to get a new computer and some processing software. Then work on my processing skills.

I am here to find my eye for photography by shooting something everyday instead of waiting to be inspired. I am working on my cell so I have limits, but I would enjoy useful critiques on composition and helpful hints on where and how to edit.

Update - I am mostly using my point and shoot these days, but still have the phone too.

Update again, I now am using my new bridge camera. It has full auto everything and I love it. I think I am addicted.

July update, I've been working in manual for several months now. I am working on the camera setting challenges, and feel I am learning so much about photography. Unfortunately, I am already feeling like I have hit limits with my new camera and need an upgrade. :)