Stanley's Web by timerskine

Stanley's Web

We have a screened-in portion of our back deck. We leave the outside door propped open so when it is raining the dogs can shake themselves off there instead of inside the house. An orb weaver spider has made this web in the open doorway.

Orb weaver webs are beautiful things and it is fascinating to watch the spider spinning it. Remarkably, even very large webs are built in the evening, and then taken down by the spider in the morning. Every day.

The Missus and I have had orb weavers on our houses before - we welcome them because they eat nuisance bugs - and they are always named Stanley. I no longer remember why the first one was given that name, but it is now a decades-long tradition.
What a terrific close up of the web.
September 25th, 2020  
Great shot
September 25th, 2020  
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