Watcher by tinley23


We spotted this watching man, and tried to work out his relationship to the caption on the wall. We failed.
wow that is random!
February 4th, 2020  
So he was beyond compare...
February 4th, 2020  
That's a great find.
February 4th, 2020  
it's a jazz song according to google ,,,,if that helps
February 5th, 2020  
@koalagardens @lmsa @chrisiow @phil_howcroft Thanks all. I'll check that out Phil.
February 6th, 2020  
He looks more like a workman having a break. Interesting!
February 6th, 2020  
Hi Lesley. Thanks for the follow. :)

With regards to your picture - as soon as I looked at it and read your caption, I could imagine this guy sitting there contemplating his life and perhaps considering throwing himself off the top of the building. He might have such a hard, sad, sorry life at the moment, that frankly, what would death be compared to what he's living at the moment. Probably easier than what he's dealing with.

Or maybe it's nothing to do with that at all. lol. Who knows. :-)
February 11th, 2020  
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