S Is For Soft!  by tiredpanda

S Is For Soft!

Day 215 - 02/09/20

Today I got a couple of new cushions and a new heat pad. Both of which are very soft so that's perfect for this months "S" theme! It's not very exciting to photograph and obviously you can't feel them, but you'll have to take my word for it! I keep sitting here absent mindedly stroking them!

I've been very busy today one way or the other. I saw my mum for a cup of tea for the first time in about two weeks. She's popped over during that time, but I was either busy or not up for visitors so she couldn't stay. So this was really nice. Then I made phone calls and did so much laundry! Where does it all come from?! I think I'll be having an early night tonight which will be nice! I love getting a good sleep. Random question, do you remember your dreams? My Mum and I were discussing it as someome recently mentioned to me that they can't remember them which really suprised me! So yeah, I'd be very interested to know what you say!
They look very cosy. Yes I remember most of my dreams and they are always in colour. I often say to my husband “ I had a weird dream last night” to which his response is “ they are always weird”.
September 2nd, 2020  
@wakelys haha! I love weird dreams. They are always so much more entertaining in my opinion! Much better than something mundane. I dream in colour too. Although I know people who only dream in black and white! It must be like watching an old movie! Isn't it funny how our brains work!
September 2nd, 2020  
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