C is for Coffee by toast

C is for Coffee

2 years ago, I embarked on a voyage of to educate myself about coffee. It took me from the generic brands all the way to an Expobar Pulsar HX Espresso Machine and Macap MC4 Grinder. I've since upgraded to an Iberital L'anna Espresso Machine and Mazzer SJ Grinder. I also have about 15kgs of green beans and roast a batch every week.

Some days, I can pull an amazing latte but other days (today), it feels like I've got too much machine and not enough barista. Here's my horrible rosetta and a dodgy heart. Critique - espresso ground too fine, milk stretched for too long and too high, with not long enough at the thickening stage. Result - big bubbles
And yet ... you have an amazing picture. =)
February 24th, 2010  
awww, thanks April, much appreciated :)
February 24th, 2010  
Nice shot!

I don't roast my beans, but Coffee is a passion! I love my Saeco :-)
My fave - http://www.tobysestate.com.au/
February 24th, 2010  
Can't believe you can say that much about coffee,
must be a real art.
February 24th, 2010  
Absolutely Rocio! There's so many steps to coffee and if you do it right, no sugar is needed at all. In the old days, I'd have a coffee and EXPECT there to be the bitterness and have to add sugar.

If you roast correctly, you have a lot of sweetness in the beans. Dont burn the milk when you froth and you get sweetness from that too :)
February 24th, 2010  
I didn't knew that!
I guess I have really never tasted a real coffee.
If I ever meet you (which I hope I do)
You must prepare me a coffee please! :DDD (L)

By the way:
thanks for the comments,
sometimes I'm a little ashamed because your pictures
are so professional and meaningful
and mines are took with a webcam && are just from a normal point of view! but thanks for following me anyways (L)

Chex mix taste mm.. salty with allot of spices, :P
hey, I've been curious since forever,
where are you from?
February 24th, 2010  
Always happy to make people a coffee, give me a shout whenever you're in London :). I'm originally from Malaysia but grew up in Australia. I answered your other question in the afternoon tea photo.

Photos are subjective... mine are hardly professional (but nice of you to say so). I personally find it quite difficult to photograph people and whenever I do, it feels strange and often looks unnatural in the photos. I like the way yours has so much character and feeling.
February 24th, 2010  
Wow. Apparently I'm drinking swill. haha. Teach me? :P
July 23rd, 2010  
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