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Brent's Studio

Today's my first day back at work since the holidays. Unread emails for 4 weeks? I expected to see something like a few hundred, maybe even as many as 900. 13,000 yep count 'em... 13,000 unread emails - are you fricken kidding me?!?!

After work, I met up with Brent to discuss our shoot on saturday and also to check out the studio he's been working from for the past few weeks. Its kinda small but there's potential. Here's the bed thats set up which is owned by a photographer who will be leaving the studio soon so it may or may not be available to us on the day of the shoot. Its got great potential which i'm hoping to use so I really do hope its there on saturday.
Hrm is this for your Dark Alice shoot? It's sounding better with each passing detail revelation...

And: that's like 400 emails per day!! Totally sparta
September 27th, 2010  
LOL.... I read "My first day back at work" saw the photo and thought... Hmm.. And what kind of work do you do... ha ha... As for 13000 emails!! Christ!!!! I was off all last week and thought 200 was bad enough!
September 27th, 2010  
@andy, ive always said i do my best work on my knees... lol

steve yep its for the dark alice in wonderland :)
September 28th, 2010  
Hint on e-mails and vacations...put everyone on Auto Delete!
September 28th, 2010  
I saw the bed you said it was for the shoot and I thought oo er what line of work is this? Dark Alice sounds cool - nice shot :)
September 28th, 2010  
Well i dont do this for my line of work... i'm a computer geek during the day and have taken up studio photography as a hobby. The shot for this weekend is planned as a dark alice in wonderland. 3 looks sorted out :
- alice is the victim
- evil alice
- a series of shots with the same background just different wigs / accessories

I have another setup in mind as well but I need to chew this through in my head a bit more before say anything about it :)
September 28th, 2010  
Y'know I'm probably slightly more excited to see the outcome of this shoot than you are yourself. Not to pile on the pressure, or anything ;)
September 28th, 2010  
What Ste said.
September 30th, 2010  
Oh, WOW! 13,000! Poor you! The studio look great! can't wait to see the photos!
September 30th, 2010  
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