Dark Alice In Wonderland Shoot by toast

Dark Alice In Wonderland Shoot

Today was the day that I'd been waiting for and planning - the Dark Alice In Wonderland Shoot. This is the second shoot that I've worked with another photographer Brent on (the first was the Cigarette Girl Pinup Shoot - http://365project.org/toast/365/2010-06-19).

The theme behind this shoot is for it to be dark - more dark intentions rather than dark deeds. The two main looks :
- Evil Alice
- Alice is the victim

The plan was for everyone to get there a little early (1:30pm) for a 2pm shoot. Unfortunately this doesnt always go to plan. The model Jade was a little late but the make up artist was driving and her GPS kept spinning her around and it was 5pm by the time she got there. Still, we pushed on and grabbed what shots we could and finished at around 9pm. We didnt get through all the sets that we wanted, but were very happy with the ones we got - in fact it was very hard to pick a favourite.

This shot in particular was inspired by jen
jenn's shot a long time ago

My other favourites from the day :

The rest of the shots from today can be seen here:
She definitely has the right look for it. Those are ace :D
October 3rd, 2010  
did they live up to your expectations mate?
October 3rd, 2010  
Glad to see that there is no red stuff on the knife
October 3rd, 2010  
Yeah pretty awesome work, Weng :) You should invite her to the next meet also. It's going to be crowded!
October 3rd, 2010  
Such a great shot!!
October 3rd, 2010  
Yes! :P
October 3rd, 2010  
no red stuff on the knife chris... its all about intent ;)
October 3rd, 2010  
Talking of which, when shall we do one?
October 3rd, 2010  
Well his was meant to be April so... yeah. I'll figure something soon!
October 3rd, 2010  
Awesome shot.
Actually all of them are awesome!
October 3rd, 2010  
Brilliant. I love the look and her finger on the point :)
October 3rd, 2010  
Awesomeness defined!
October 3rd, 2010  
ooooo, very creepy!
October 3rd, 2010  
WOnderful , cool, nicely captured and dark!
October 3rd, 2010  
Those pictures are all just wonderful! You got a terrific model and some fabulous photos! This has "Intent" written all over it! Exceptional!
October 3rd, 2010  
HA! Nice :D
October 3rd, 2010  
October 6th, 2010  
Wow love the shot - reminds me of "Buffy" for some reason.
October 6th, 2010  
I love this!! The look in her eyes is amazing! making it a fav!
October 9th, 2010  
So fun and what a great idea!
October 10th, 2010  
Great looking model and wonderful shot! I love the look on her face.
October 12th, 2010  
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