Line Dancing Class

Found a group of enthusiasts in Club Fusion learning the basic steps of line dancing. The indoor areas of the ship were highly utilised as the increased wind and reduced temperature made the open decks less appealing. The temperature was forecast to be 22°C/72°F but I suspect the high was short-lived.

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This looks like great fun. You're taking some interesting new types of pictures these days.
posted November 7th, 2016  
We did line dancing on our cruise too - though far less people in our class! Much smaller boat!
posted November 7th, 2016  
Nice fun shot.
posted November 8th, 2016  
What a great variation of activities you have aboard ship.
posted November 8th, 2016  
You didn't join in?! Cathy and I got up and went to the 'line dancing' organised by someone at our hotel... there were 6 people there including us and the teacher tried hard but went over and over and over and over the same step until we went cross-eyed. One lady didn't get it and was teary!! Turns out she didn't speak English....poor love.
Hope your group enjoyed it more :)
posted November 13th, 2016  
@filsie65 I was just a casual observer not a participant 8-)
posted November 16th, 2016  
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