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I'm an ancient (born 1940) retired Australian career soldier, keen cook, dabbling photographer and cruiser. Now living in Canberra. I have recently moved from the South Coast of NSW.
Email me at debont.tony@gmail.com

Tuesday 16 January 2018
Just a quick update as I continue to record events as they occur whenever possible. I can't promise a daily posting as our travels take us to strange places where there's no Internet. Yes they do exist 8-)

Wednesday, 16 December 2015
This Is Where I Live and Walk
My morning walk takes me from the South West 'Coral Park' to the left (Western) shore of the lake. From there I follow the shoreline North to about where the road crosses the dam wall. From there I wander back towards the South West and home. See the map at http://365project.org/tonydebont/runner-up/2015-12-17