Mogo Zoo - 1 (Golden Marmoset)

One of the amazing little creatures at the Mogo zoo also known as the Golden lion tamarin

"The golden lion tamarin gets its name from its bright reddish orange pelage and the extra long hairs around the face and ears which give it a distinctive mane.[5] Its face is dark and hairless. It is believed that the tamarin gets its hair color from sunlight and carotenoids in its food.[6] The golden lion tamarin is the largest of the callitrichines. It is typically around 261 mm (10.3 in) and weighs around 620 g (1.37 lb). There is almost no size difference between males and females. As with all New World monkeys, the golden lion tamarin has tegulae, which are claw-like nails, instead of ungulae or flat nails found in all other primates, including humans.[7] Tegulae enable tamarins to cling to the sides of tree trunks. It may also move quadrupedally along the small branches, whether through walking, running, leaping or bounding.[8] This gives it a locomotion more similar to squirrels than primates."

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Fantastic capture :)
posted June 18th, 2014  
Great colour in his coat! A privilege to see, thank you Tony!
posted June 18th, 2014  
Lovely capture of interesting little creature
posted June 18th, 2014  
Awwww, cute! Love the lighting - Lucy
posted June 18th, 2014  
Great capture.
posted June 18th, 2014  
Cool shot!
posted June 19th, 2014  
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