About that puppy...

I've been a "dog person" my whole life. My husband has never had a dog, until we were married and our little maltese came with me. My daughter (the baker) now has an apartment that allows pets, and the maltese moved to live with her girl.

In late October I took the twins into a pet store to look at the puppies. I fell for this one, and he was clearly depressed to be going back in the window. I got his information from the store, and sadly he is from a well know "puppy mill." Ten days later I went back to the store to see whether he was still there. He was. At that point he was over four months old and had been there since he was 8 weeks old.

I spoke to the store's owner about the puppy mills and showed him the information about this one on my phone. I asked why he had been there so long, and I was told they didn't know. He had two brothers who had sold quickly.

I went back a few more times, and then on a Monday morning I went back alone and bought him. He happened to be at a greatly discounted price because of his age.

The pet store provided an online code to a site where they store electronic info about the puppies, and I discovered there that he had pneumonia from a few days after they got him that lasted 6-8 weeks and required many visits to the vet.

I am happy to say that he has now been with us for 5 weeks, seems to be healthy (had a cough at first), and is adjusting well to life with us. Plus, my husband is experiencing his first puppy!

P.S. Just a phone pic today.
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