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This is my third year. I am not taking pictures everyday, but want to keep posting when I have something interesting to offer. I am always inspired by fellow 365ers and love the community!

Year 2: Happy to be here. Hope to keep posting and viewing at a decent pace. I just got a new camera and that should be reason enough to pop in frequently!

October: I find it difficult to keep up with taking pictures every day because it seems my new job and my family take up all my time. I am so sorry that I don't get around commenting much either. I miss 365 and need to make more space for this!

June: I will be away from home for a while traveling places. Not sure how much I will be able to post during my trip, but I will upload pictures eventually.
Over the past few months, I started getting much more into black and white photography and have loved taking pictures!

April: I have had a few slumps when taking a picture everyday has been a chore. I am trying hard to focus on positive aspects of this project on those days. It does force me to take a picture every day, and I have tried out stuff I would never thought off. On my good days, I have more to post than I have slots, and it has been hard to pick the "best" image. I am looking forward to Spring with more daylight and warmer weather!

February: I am happy to be into my second month here at 365. i have taken pictures every day and really enjoy it! I have tried out things that I always wanted to. Still trying to find my style, if there is one!
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I love photography, but feel that I have never enough time to do it well. Signed up for the project to train my eye to look for interesting images in my daily life and to push myself beyond my typical shots.