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365 was the start of something big for me. When I joined for the first time 4 years ago it gave me the confidence and motivation to pursue my love of photography and develop it into a career that I love. This project taught me to look for inspiration and not to be afraid to try new things. It also opened my eyes to a world of possibilities and adventures when I have a camera in my hand.


Over a year on and I'm still around. Still in love with photography. Upgraded to a a spanking brand new camera. Chocolate and wine also make me incredibly happy this year. I'm slightly more knackered with two adorable but crazy children and a lot greyer. Husband still supports my lens buying habit without question and pretends he doesn't know me whenever I have my camera out and about. Breakfast in bed is a very definite thing of the past.

Some that have made the PP. Thanks Alexis!


A few years ago, I bought my first camera and from the moment I picked it up I felt I had found my "thing". Nothing makes me happier than when my camera is in hand....apart from my two beautiful babies...and maybe when the husband brings me breakfast in bed.