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I'm taking pictures along with my budding photographer daughter. Her project is @erikaross As we go out on photo walks, I'm having fun exploring and learning along with her. I've dabbled in taking pictures for a long time but the inspiration comes and goes. As I'm taking pictures more regularly though, my eyes are open to seeing things in a different light.

I love macro shots especially flowers. My cats are fun models as well. I'm a fibre enthusiast so you might also find photography of yarn, my knitting projects, spinning wheels etc.

I grew up in Germany but now call the west coast of British Columbia (Canada) my forever home.

It seems to make sense to start a project like this on January 1st.... but what the heck... it's the middle of September and I'm excited to start today!!

On the popular page: https://alexisbirkill.com/365project/popularpage/getuserdetails.php?username=ulrike