In full flight by vespa180

In full flight

One of the seagulls I managed to capture last tuesday.
Nice capture. I never think to try to catch the seagulls around me. There sure are plenty of them.
July 4th, 2019  
brilliant timing
July 4th, 2019  
Excellent focus and detail. Good timing!
July 5th, 2019  
@paulacryer If you're shooting with an IPhone it is difficult to capture a seagull like this. You have to be able to zoom in fast en follow the bird. Before you have one good photo you have shot a lot more, but that's the game. I take pictures with a 'normal' camera and that suits me right.
July 5th, 2019  
@vespa180 I often use my iPhone because that is what I have with me always and interestingly my version does have two lenses and burst mode. I can also shoot raw with all the manual settings using my iPhone if I shoot through my LR mobile app. It’s fascinating. Now for a dedicated photo walk or indoor practice sessions I break out my Nikon.
July 5th, 2019  
Great capture
July 6th, 2019  
@paulacryer Alright, so you have more opportunities in photography. I never saw an iPhone with two lenses, very handy. What keeps me from using an iPhone for taking pictures is the inability to get a good and stable hold on the thing. It's all a bit too small for me.
July 10th, 2019  
Pracht foto
July 16th, 2019  
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