"I don't care too much what happened in the past. I prefer to focus on what is coming next and I am really looking forward to it."

Finally, a quiet day, one of the few over Christmas. Time for the three of us to just spend a bit of time together at home on our own. I know I said previously that Christmas is about the people, friends and family and spending time together, and I still stand by that. We have seen a lot of friends and family over the last week, and will be seeing more friends over the weekend, but it is equally important to have time at home for just the three of us, to relax and unwind.

Olivia was awake early this morning, she never cries when she wakes up, just chatters and gurgles and chunters to herself, and so Clare took her downstairs to allow me a little longer to nap before I got up. It was an hour or so later when they both came back upstairs, Olivia much quieter and Clare clearly not had enough sleep. I heard a noise outside and spotted our neighbour hurrying to get his bins out ready for collection as the bin men were on their way round. After a second I suddenly realised I had totally forgot too, and that the noise was the bin men arriving and not leaving, so I still had time too! After throwing on some clothes and gathering up all the rubbish and recycling and sorting the bins out, I realised that this was me up for the day, I was awake and there was no going back to bed now! Olivia was still wide awake, so I took her downstairs and left Clare to get back to sleep, which was very much appreciated by the looks of it.

We didn’t get a great deal done today, which was a nice change, as Olivia was clearly very tired after her early start and has spent a lot of the day sleeping. When she hasn’t been sleeping she has been so happy, smiles and laughing, and so much eye contact. This little girl is changing day by day, and all for the better, and even as much as I miss having a newborn around the little person I see growing before me nearly melts my heart on a daily basis. People always tell you to appreciate these days, as they are soon gone, and there aren’t wrong. We have a little girl who is almost four months old now, and I can’t tell you where the time has gone. The only thing I can say is that I am glad I started this 365 project/photo blog this year and kept track of it all. May add another post later, I think all these photos and blog posts deserve a “Round Up Of 2013″.

You lucky, lucky people!
Lovely shot!
posted December 27th, 2013  
Lovely shot - she's got beautiful eyes
posted December 27th, 2013  
Cracker, love the tight crop
posted December 28th, 2013  
@stevecameras @rachelwithey @killeen Thanks all, her eyes are gorgeous, I knew I had to get in a bit tight for this one! Hope you all had a wonderful christmas!
posted December 28th, 2013  
beautiful shot, love the eyes, looks like the universe is in the blue
posted December 28th, 2013  
Those eyes are stunning. Nice shot!
posted December 30th, 2013  
Perfect shot!
posted January 3rd, 2014  
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