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I'm 40, I was born in South Africa, moved to England when I was 15 and then moved again to Australia last year.

I have one husband and 4 children,2 cats, 2 rats and 3 geese.

I enjoy being creative with my hands and to that end I knit, I scrapbook, I make cards and I take photos. I also sing, bake and read........a lot.

When I was younger I had a 'proper' camera and loved playing with it, still have it and my mum's cameras hidden in a big camera bag under the bed. ( I think there is a canister of film in there too : / ) I have recently bought a DSLR and am learning how to use it. At times I think the point and shoot is so much easier...but I'm going to beat this lol.

Any advice or suggestions to improve will be gratefully received- if you think it's lousy, feel free to say so, but please say why.