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Update: January 2017.
I have had such a wonderful photographic year with 365. When I looked through my 365 album looking for some favs to put into a 12 image collage, I realised just how much I still have to learn. But also, I realised that the girl actually did alright on more than a few occasions! I can't imagine a day without my dip into 365, it's like my own personal therapy at the end of my busy day and so I am already off the starting block for year number 2. I am hoping to try my hand at a few of the more challenging challenges this year, and get to greater grips with my gear. The community on this site are just amazing, and the encouragement and support simply lifts one's spirits.

Here's to 2017. 📸

Thanks to everyone on this wonderful site, here are my images that made the popular page!

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Hi everyone. My first 365 project and looking forward to getting to know my camera - finally! I live in Lanarkshire in Scotland - and hope to share some of my local highlights with you all.