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2nd year
when I set out on this challenge I like everyone else planned to take a photo a day. It was certainly a challenge, but I managed to take a daily shot Even if I didn't manage to post it daily on here. Some were so rubbish I deleted them the next day, some I love and are now hanging on my wall. So now the 2nd year, no more daily shots but I will carry on posting and enjoying everyone else shots.

1st year
This is all about improving my photos whatever the camera. I take photos everyday already, thought this project would help me think more about the shots I take rather than snapping at random and deleting at my leisure.
I live in Lancashire in the UK with 4 dogs, 4 cats a bird and fish, so I'm sure they will all make an appearance.
Starting this I'm a bit obsessed with clouds and trees, I'll be interested to see if that changes as the year goes on.