Poor Poor Rocky by wildernesswillie

Poor Poor Rocky

f anybody is wondering how Rocky is.
After a ride to town, poor Rocky came out of the house and had to drink water from a mud puddle. I went in the house to see his water dish was empty and got Debbie to fill it for him right away, Poor boy.
Debbie has a candy dish by the couch and has for years. The grandkids come and wipe it out often. The grandkids usually ask first.
So after we were home for awhile Debbie went to watch some TV and then told me to come look at this. Candy wrappers all over the floor. That poor Rocky had helped himself to the dish of candy. Debbie gave all the dogs hell for doing it. But the other two are to short, we know who did it.
Muddy puddles are always much more tasty than that awful bland tapwater stuff!
May 30th, 2019  
Beats the toilet
May 30th, 2019  
You even got his reflection. My dog loves to search out where I might have left candy on the table by the couch. He will shred any bit of paper if there is so much as a smell of candy on it. He likes chewing gum also, made a mistake of leaving a slice on my table.
June 1st, 2019  
Love the reflection
September 21st, 2019  
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