This is actually artwork using lots of duplicate layers with different blending modes. The main sheep has had the blending mode partially painted out so that it stands out and looks as if it has been lit up.
Who knew you could do so much with duplicate layers!!!!
Finished off with a filter giving it a light texture.

My life feels as if it is in a tumble drier at the moment ...... things will hopefully become clearer over the next week or two. Fingers crossed that all works out as it could give my health a huge boost!

Three good things today:
1. Being able to rest up today - Fibro is flaring badly
2. Got chance to do more of my photoshop artistry course.
3. Went to Sainsurys to pick up my prescription and also picked up an 8 in 1 blender in the sale! I now have salsa in the fridge and strawberry "gloop" to put in my yoghurt!

Great blending as it looks natural (or magical) -- well done. Hoping things work well for you.
posted September 20th, 2017  
Neat job! Get well soon.
posted September 20th, 2017  
Beautifully edited Al, you have made that humble sheep a king! Fave.
posted September 20th, 2017  
beautifully lit Al
posted September 20th, 2017  
posted September 21st, 2017  
Great editing, a lovely shot
posted September 21st, 2017  
Fabulous. I love it xx
posted September 21st, 2017  
@taffy @hunnybee @happypat @phil_howcroft @nbs @carolmw @psychographer Thank you for the lovely comments and fav's!
posted September 21st, 2017  
Beautiful processing! I hope that your health is improving tremendously!
posted September 25th, 2017  
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