**please view on the black background to see the full spooky effects**
I decided to do a still life type artwork for Halloween. I am going to try and get one done for each month in case there are any decent calendar offers!
I got a couple of winter squashes and some lovely looking chilli's.
The Sunflowers are from my garden .... unfortunately the wind got them so these were sat in a tub waiting for my camera!
Gertie eyes were a must for this photograph and Willow obliged with a lovely yawn!!!
The hard bit was putting the composition together. There are so many layers in this! many duplicate layers to bring out the colours and a zillion adjustment layers to paint in or out the effects. The sunflower on the bottom left I am not happy with but sometimes you have to say enough is enough.

Halloween is getting nearer and nearer ...... I still can't believe that it will be my last working day!
It still hasn't sunk in that I will be finishing work!

Three good things today:
(should be three bad things!!!! what a day!!!)
But ......
1. They have got a new weekly ticket system on the park and ride which meant that the bus was a bit late going ..... good for me as I got on the bus!!!
2. Seeing how far I have come on my photoshop artistry journey. Couldn't never have thought about doing this six months ago!
3. A glass of wine .... yes it's Monday but it's very much needed!
A great funny shot with a beautiful processing. Fav.
Thank you for you visit and you so nice comment.
posted October 9th, 2017  
Great still life -- except for two not so still!
posted October 9th, 2017  
posted October 9th, 2017  
This is beautiful and I love the kitties in it. Fav!
posted October 9th, 2017  
Gorgeous kitties, well done still life!
posted October 9th, 2017  
Perfect processing :)
posted October 10th, 2017  
Fav. A perfect scene for Halloween.
posted October 10th, 2017  
Wonderful composition and warm autumn tones. Fav!! 😀
posted October 10th, 2017  
Adorable shot!
posted October 10th, 2017  
Very nice autumn still-life; I especially like the textures and beautiful autumn tones!
posted October 11th, 2017  
beautiful work Al
posted October 11th, 2017  
Gertie is like a solemn version of the Cheshire cat. Great blending and I love the colours and the surreal feel.
posted October 22nd, 2017  
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