Again I find myself realising that I just can't keep up regularly on here.
I am doing two photoart courses and that is taking some of my time ...... but I find this site has just gets left behind when I am trying to catch up.

I will always pop in every now and then but I can't see me ever becoming a regular poster and commenter again.

With that in mind, I am unploading my pheasant photoart .... as I do feel as if I am running away for a bit.

Thanks to everyone who has commented on my stuff .... I will still see some of you in other places and I will still dip in and out of here.

Three good things today:
1. My hot water bottle .... I need it!
One of the first times since I got this house that I wished it had central heating!
2. Loving my photoart courses. I am learning so much about photoshop and art in general.
3. Finally feeling as if I am doing something that I wanted to do ..... become a photoartist.
Very cool and creative processing!
I can imagine the learning curve you're on is time consuming and it's important to follow your heart in these things and fulfil your potential. All the very best with it, twin xx
posted January 18th, 2018  
Nicely captured and processed
posted January 18th, 2018  
Love the image of this pheasant running along, its legs are out sideways, it's fairly shifting along with a sort of rolling gait! Fave Al. Sorry you are bowing out full time but think you are enjoying yourself doing other things! We are still in touch so that's fine!
posted January 18th, 2018  
@dulciknit It is very time consuming but I love it. I shall still see you on FB ... can't loose touch with my twin!

@carolmw Thanks Carol .... will see you on fb also! :)

@happypat Thanks Pat ..... you know me, I doubt I will be able to resist the odd post! may well get some time to do some comments!! Will still be in touch on fb .... I need to try and sort out a meet up at the Harris. :)
posted January 18th, 2018  
@willowdragon Yes this summer perhaps?
posted January 18th, 2018  
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