Year three - ready to jump!

How fabulous to see my hoverfly on the PP! ........ thank you!

I love the eyes on the zebra spider ...... but when I looked through some shots I took in the garden, I rather liked this one which was just before it jumped. This one was also more brown that some of the others I see and the sun made it stand out even more.

We were going to go out today but an incident on the motorway means that we are gridlocked where we live.
I may have to catch up on some ironing instead! lol

Three good things today:
1. Our water doesn't need to be boiled - after more than three weeks the parasite appears to have been defeated.
2. A very relaxed bank holiday.
3. The very clever spider on the outside of the orangery who I saw wrapping up a Daddy long legs ...... I knew there was a reason I liked spiders!
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