Year three - Arum Lillies

Had a good look around the menu's on my Sony bridge camera to see just what is on the camera. Took loads of shots to see what they came out like. Checked out how it took bracketed shots (got to put them through photomatix now to "fuse" them, checked out the in camera selective colour, the manual focus facility to see how it did with bugs (not brilliant!), looked at the watercolour and illustrator effects and finally the HDR settings.

I have 10 days off work now so wanted to know what the camera could do so that I can make full use of it while I am off.

I really like this HDR photo .... it has worked well with the lines on the Lily and the colours aren't too overdone.

Have a great weekend!

Three good things today:
1. Walking out of work and knowing that I don't have to set the alarm for 10 days :)
2. Finally spending some time getting to know my Sony camera menus.
3. It's raining! I don't have to go and water the flowers!
Gorgeous processing!
posted April 24th, 2015  
Great processing
posted April 24th, 2015  
Very cool effect!
posted April 24th, 2015  
Love the processing!
posted April 24th, 2015  
Love the processing and colors!
posted April 24th, 2015  
posted April 24th, 2015  
posted April 24th, 2015  
Your camera is almost the same as mine HX-400V. It pays to look at the menu - and the manual- i"ve had mine for over 6 months and still finding out more things it does! Love this choice for the subject!
posted April 24th, 2015  
you have gone all artistic and pretty here al
posted April 24th, 2015  
Love the beautiful lines, curves and soft colours here, fav. Enjoy your time off!
posted April 25th, 2015  
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