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November 2017
Well my life has just changed a little! I retired yesterday!
I am still doing my photohsop artistry course which I love.
But I want to start documenting my "retirement" so I think I may well post a little more - and hopefully comment more too!
I use my phone quite a bit when I am out and about so some photo's may be from my phone. I will also upload some of my artwork.
Here's to the future and whatever it may hold!

Places that I can be found.

Facebook ....... this is my personal profile but I put photo's on there. All I ask is could you send me a message to say that you are from the 365 project.
I also have a facebook page which you can like, follow or just look at.

Twitter ...... Not a big user of twitter but I do upload things every now and then.

Flickr ...... I have a hate hate relationship with flickr! but will keep trying.

Instagram ...... I am using this to upload mostly phone photo's.

Finally ...... I have a blog that I intend to carry on with on Wordpress. This will be about all sorts of things!