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I started my 365 project on 29th January 2016, but due to a rather long break during the summer months I only achieved 283 from 365 pictures.
The question that’s been at the back of my mind for the last day or two is: shall I plod on until I have a full 365 pictures or shall I call it a year?

Well, I’ve decided to almost call it a year….. sort of.

I’m convinced that I don’t have any less time than anyone else, but my blog, homepage and various other sites have been sadly neglected over recent months. I’m in danger of either spending far too much time working on the computer, or even worse, getting hopelessly behind and ending up doing nothing!

Not wanting to loose contact with those I am following though, I’ve decided to continue on a very casual basis. To underline my commitment to the project I’ve renewed my membership for another year and plan on looking in fairly regularly!

Photographically it’s been a great year, thanks for all your comments and inspiration! See you soon!

Who am I:
I'm a Brit living about 40Km north east of Zurich. I can't really imagine how I was talked in to taking part in the 365 project (thanks @iowsara and @robewells ) but here I am... rearing to go :-)
I did use a Pentax K30, but 'upgraded' to a K70 in September 2016. Occasionally I use my aging Panasonic Lumix LX2, but for this project I seem to be using my Sony Z3 Compact smart phone most of the time.
I process with snapseed when using my phone, otherwise I use the Gimp.
Please feel free to visit my homepage: https://harding.ch/
or perhaps my blog: https://harding.ch/WordPress1/