Lonely Place

Sometimes we need the lonely place
A place where we can sit and think
About everything
Or nothing at all
And know that no one
Will yell at us
Or think less of what we do
A place where
We do not have to make a living
A place where
We can make a life
Sometimes we need to go fishing
For something bigger
Than any fish in the ocean

For a while it was just me taking photographs and this guy fishing. There's not a lot of difference in what we were really doing there. Where is this place. I'll never tell.

I posted a fill-in from today on 2/24/2010
Beautiful composition :)
posted April 21st, 2010  
Wow, that's it, just wow. I needed that.
posted April 21st, 2010  
This is wonderful. It looks like a model...like you created it
posted April 21st, 2010  
I *Love* what you said about not making a living but making a life! I love the entire poem...you're wonderful at combining your photography and writing! I have a good friend & neighbor in NS who follows your work and says how much he admires your talent...thought you should know that as I write, I'm commenting for two...
posted April 21st, 2010  
Beautiful poem. You are right not to tell where it is. It would get crowded with all those "365projectors".
posted April 21st, 2010  
Thank you for the comments. It means a lot.
posted April 21st, 2010  
Wow, man. This is amazing!
posted April 22nd, 2010  
I love the poem!!! And the photo goes beautifully with it! Everybody needs their lonely place...
posted April 22nd, 2010  
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