The End

Bull Elk, Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge, Oklahoma

This will be my last post. All good things come to an end.

You are welcome to friend me on Facebook if you like. I have a few other 365 friends there. It may be more information than you want :)

You can add me to your Google Plus circle. That's a very nice sight for photography and I use it primarily for that.

I also have added a few photos at 500px. That sight has some crazy good photographers and I am pretty intimidated, but it is very inspirational.

Y'all be good. I check back from time to time to make sure y'all are behaving :)
Say it isn't so!!

After a haiatus this summer, I've returned and while away, I really missed the circle of photographers and friends. Never say never... Then again, I don't have Facebook and other sites, so I'll keep turning up until I have nothing more to say... Take care of yourself...I've enjoyed your good company and excellent photos!
posted September 7th, 2011  
I have always enjoyed your photos and marveled at the talent that you have. I totally understand why you are I am becoming so intimated. I feel that the site has also changed. I'll stay in touch with you on Facebook.
posted September 7th, 2011  
posted September 8th, 2011  
Great shot. Love the look you are getting. Nice take.
posted September 26th, 2011  
This is a beautiful pic. Thanks for all the pics over the time, and good journeys.
posted November 1st, 2011  
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