35mm camera Voigtländer VitoB

I was in my second year in the architectural school and I got a summer job in Stockholm (1955). My dream was a 35mm camera.

I don't remember what I knew of this model prior to making my decision, but I must have read about it in photo magazines as I am learning now that it was introduced in the 1954 Photokina. Its high quality lens, the Color-Skopar was acclaimed. Mine is 50 mm and the maximum aperture f/3.5.

There is no distance meter. You had to judge the distance by eye and then on the lens dial approximate the depth of field. No light meter, of course.

I had this camera for nine years 1955-63, and took some of my best pictures with it. During those years I began to develop the films, got an enlarger and spent the weekend nights in the darkroom.

Now that I got this little camera out of the storage, I must get film and try if I can get one decent picture with it. :-)
What a beauty! They just don’t look or feel like that anymore do they. All hugged by a snug leather case. I do hope you get some film for it and use it again. Would be lovely to see some of the photos you took on it during those ten years as well.
posted April 26th, 2018  
beautiful, do try it!
posted April 26th, 2018  
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