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This is just to start with!! :)

I am not a photographer neither do I have the special photography skills. I have taken up this project just to do something different than the routine office-home stuff that I do each year!!

Back in 2012 when I started off with this project so as to put my Point-and-Shoot to use...I stopped it in between due to some unforeseen circumstances! Taking it up back was never a challenge...but at times you never understand what stops you :)

But yes! Many of my closed ones (including my dear husband - who finally also bought a new mobile so that I have something handy) were always pushing me to kick this off...so here it is....

I received tremendous support from this community last time and I am sure I would be experiencing the same, rather even more in the coming days/ years!


Please do not abide me by the strict rules of Project 365 Community of "A Photo Each Day"!! I will surely fill up all the 365 days however, as & when I get the time to upload.

This Project wont contain any fascinating photographs! I have taken this up to memorize some special moments throughout the year....and it may be any moment under the sky ;)

I would love to receive feedback and comments from all Super Cool 365'ers out here!! That will really help me to improve myself.

Thanks for understanding!!

P.S. This project might mostly contain Food Photographs since I love cooking...will also try my hand at some themes other than Food though!!