I know a dead parrot when I see one by yorkshirekiwi

I know a dead parrot when I see one

I've been poking around in my friends shed today. It's a photographer's dream for old stuff! When I saw this parrot, I immediately thought of the Dead Parrot sketch by Monty Python. Made me chuckle anyway
Ha .. I got a dead parrot just the same as this fellow in my garden he fell off his perch and never got up ... great find
March 20th, 2019  
A cool find and image
March 20th, 2019  
Ha ha this is one sick parrot
March 20th, 2019  
Too funny!
March 20th, 2019  
S photographer’s dream shed. Parrot and all!
March 20th, 2019  
Lol 😁!! Great find
March 20th, 2019  
Yes! haha!
March 21st, 2019  
Not dead, just pining for the fjords.
March 24th, 2019  
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