Garden wall

Nifty fifty SOOC

This project is making me shoot anything without thought. Strange... it is supposed to encourage greater care.
We all go through stages like this - with the need to fill the blank in the calendar with whatever we can on the day it happens.
I fight it all the time - so I will get blanks or uploads of something not from that day.
I think you could have moved in closer and caught a more interesting shot of this - lots of neat trellises and the occasional flower against the brickwork (especially on the left).
posted September 22nd, 2018  
funny that!
could think of it this way, if you can shoot without much thought you have learned what you needed to get the basics right in-camera, such as exposure, composition, and dont need to post process. I find the challenge helps me relax and accept what is there without having to add value... of course at the same time that decisive moment is just out of reach a lot of the time.
posted September 22nd, 2018  
@farmreporter yes sometimes its looking at the scene and asking yourself what is it i want from this and what can i leave out to help that message. the old zooming with your feet!
posted September 22nd, 2018  
You can think of it as a quick photographic sketch.
posted September 22nd, 2018  
Perhaps since I am primarily using a manual focus lens I feel more in control of things, of course it could all be an illusion.
posted September 23rd, 2018  
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