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Update 4th June 2015

I have decided to use 365 in different way. I intend to post only my favourite recent photos in my main album, ones that I think are good… not just the best of a bad bunch. So I have renamed my main album 'Favourites'. Some, perhaps many, days nothing will get posted to it. I visualise all my shots in black and white but sometimes a colour shot will get through because I like it, even though it didn't work out as intended. Sometimes I may have more than one that I like, so I have a '2nd Favourites' album (previously More Stuff) for any overspill - it will probably be largely empty. The renamed 'Even More Stuff' ' is now 'Also Rans'. It becomes historical: nothing more will be added to it. I like to experiment from time to time. If I think the results are interesting - I don't have to like them! - I will post them in Oddities ( previously ' Weird Stuf'f'). Some of you use 365 as a daily photo diary and I hope to run a 'Dear Diary' album. However, It is unlikely to contain anything good, just a record for me. I may take a leaf out of Richard Sayer's @vignouse book and mostly keep it closed … as soon as I can work out how to make it so! … but open it for you occasionally.

I hope you appreciate, even enjoy, some of my offerings. Constructive criticism is always welcome and I am happy for you to tell me what you don't like about any of them.