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Update: Coming soon

Update: When I started this project I had no idea what a life changing experience it was going to be. I have a new hobby that 6 months ago I knew very little about. I have also found an online world of special and superbly talented people that inspire me daily to keep on snapping.

Welcome to my 365 project: The Life of a Zambian Lass.

My home is in the Copperbelt town of Chingola, renowned for its mining activities and not for the beauty of its landscape. I am fortunate, however, that I live on a farm where we have more than a smattering of trees, flowers, wildlife and are upwind of the mining extraction.

I share my home with two dogs, two cats, a host of industrious composting worms and my recently acquired husband Paolo, who traded his London life as an IT wizard, for chicken farming in Zambia.

Over the course of the next year, I aim to share the Zambia I love with you and hopefully, become better acquainted with my Canon 550D.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure.