Inside Out?

Lazy or easy or boring? ... OK, so this question is just poking a little bit of fun about the article about photography stages, and the responses, I posted a few days ago!

Taken at the Singapore Zoo last week, this lovely flower looks inside-out ....

Thanks for the looks/comments/fav's/follows!
posted June 12th, 2012  
I don't know about stages--I just take photos that I like and post the best one each day. Some days are better than others! :-) This shot is beautifully composed and has great DoF.
posted June 12th, 2012  
Lovely fresh image-nice dof too
posted June 12th, 2012  
Never boring to me! Love this flower against the green.
posted June 12th, 2012  
nice flower took from the corner......
posted June 12th, 2012  
very nice!
posted June 12th, 2012  
Pretty shot! I like this! Lovely focus and composition. 8) I don't know what constitutes lazy photography. Getting someone else to take a shot for you maybe? Haha. Or using the autofocus function all the time? OOPS. ;D
posted June 12th, 2012  
Neither, to my mind, you have really paid attention to the composition, background and lighting. Lovely.
posted June 12th, 2012  
Wonderful shot, love the tones
posted June 12th, 2012  
Very pretty!
posted June 12th, 2012  
Very pretty against that green background. Nicely composed.
posted June 12th, 2012  
Great composition!
posted June 12th, 2012  
Nice composition. Like the use of negative space.
posted June 12th, 2012  
Great composition and colors.
posted June 12th, 2012  
just beautiful zoe, love the POV
posted June 12th, 2012  
Simply beautiful :) x
posted June 12th, 2012  
posted June 12th, 2012  
Really lovely shot!!
posted June 13th, 2012  
like the composition of this shot and the fresh colours.
posted June 14th, 2012  
I read the article you posted. In the end, I just take pics of subjects I like, process them the way that I want and that is all. No rules for me. :)
posted June 14th, 2012  
Very beautiful shot!
posted June 14th, 2012  
So very pretty!
posted June 16th, 2012  
posted June 19th, 2012  
so pretty - great use of negative space.
posted June 20th, 2012  
Whatever stage you are in ... I think this is beautiful :)
posted June 22nd, 2012  
stunning dof
posted June 26th, 2012  
Great (:
posted July 6th, 2012  
Beautiful composition and focus!
posted July 10th, 2012  
nice comp and focus, zoe!
posted July 24th, 2012  
Lovely curls
posted August 11th, 2012  
Nice composition. Lovely colours and lots of detail. Nice photo!
posted August 14th, 2012  
Just thinking of you, hope you are ok x
posted August 21st, 2012  
Truly beautiful shot ♥♥ Hope all is well with you and yours....I am so behind with my project and have been a very bad follower of late, sadly circumstances took me away from my project, but happily things are now sorted out and I am working hard to catch up with all of my friends....
Its wonderful to be able to once again be able to view your stunning works of art.... and I will promise to be a more dedicated follower...Much Love ♥♥
posted August 22nd, 2012  
Pretty photo!
posted October 13th, 2012  
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