Kite Wrangling by 30pics4jackiesdiamond

Kite Wrangling

Visit to the kite festival, but it's smaller than in past years (apparantly) due to inclement windy weather!!
August 11th, 2019  
The kites look to be most substantial and fun.
August 11th, 2019  
Looks like a great kite tangle ;-)
August 11th, 2019  
A colorful candid of the kites and kite flyer.
August 11th, 2019  
The last time I tried to fly a power kite I needed someone big and burly to anchor me to the ground :)
August 12th, 2019  
Nice shot
August 12th, 2019  
Sorry the weather didn’t work out. Lovely image with all the bright colors.
August 12th, 2019  
Way too windy for kites bizarrely, but this is a great shot!
August 12th, 2019  
I hope they don't get tangled
August 12th, 2019  
Looks like he's got his work cut out to them all under control :)
August 12th, 2019  
Great action shot.
August 12th, 2019  
He's not a happy kite handler!
August 12th, 2019  
Pretty colors
August 12th, 2019  
@fionasandford92 hello!!! The ones in the sky were prettier
@robz he was actually
@haskar I was pleased with it
@merrelyn they were putting up a fight
@onewing must have had a system
@casablanca I expected them to be higher in the sky than they were
@shutterbug49 we forced ourselves into a cafe when it rained
@momamo thank you
@4rky I'd like to try kite surfing!!!
@randystreat I was surprised I chose this one to upload, so thank you
@ludwigsdiana I think he knew what he was doing
@joysabin some were huge
@joansmor ig was noisy too
August 13th, 2019  
Wonderful shot!
August 14th, 2019  
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