Love Story by 30pics4jackiesdiamond

Love Story

For Dogwood Challenge I've put another version up on The Darkroom

Oh how I've missed colour this month!
so colourful - like the reflections of the colours on the pages
February 12th, 2019  
I love the background and how the colorful lighting is reflecting on the book. I also love the way you folded the book pages, it makes it look like a peacock spreading it's feathers out.
February 12th, 2019  
Lovely colourful background and heartshaped book. Looks voodoo me...
February 12th, 2019  
Well captured heart and colourful bokeh.
February 13th, 2019  
This one is definitely colorful and very pretty
February 13th, 2019  
@grammyn thank you
@wendyfrost love that wrapping paper
@jacqbb ooooh, voodoo!
@jenp others do it so much better, this is my second attempt. Thank you
@shannejw fluke!!
February 13th, 2019  
Ha ha, that's why I'm 2 photos each day. I couldn't manage a whole month with only black and white. I love this effect but have no idea how to go about it :)
February 13th, 2019  
Love the colors and lighting! So fun and creative!
February 13th, 2019  
Sorry for the typo...... looks very good to me!
February 13th, 2019  
@jacqbb ahhh that makes sense. My tablet makes up words but I often don't notice thank you
@sunnygirl I enjoyed sorting it out, thank you
@merrelyn get magazine, curl pages into centre, back light and pretty paper. Best to use glossy magazine not Matt like i did
February 13th, 2019  
Super romance ;)
February 22nd, 2019  
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