In Shreds by 30pics4jackiesdiamond

In Shreds

Kali's challenge to be was to emulate the work of Cat MacBride and I've done a very quick pastiche on this by her.

Getting the light and shadow was hard, I'm going to have more serious go at one of her white on white paper curls ones (did I really just type that??!)
@kali66 Her work is stunning,I'm going to spend more time on one of her curls of paper tomorrow, now I'm a retired old lady I'll have more time!!
December 21st, 2020  
I'd never heard of her before. She's rather creative. I like what you have done here.
December 21st, 2020  
What fun
December 21st, 2020  
December 21st, 2020  
Love it.
December 22nd, 2020  
I think you did a maervelous job with this! Great painting to use too!
December 22nd, 2020  
I checked images by this photographer and her style is pretty wide. I like this photo of yours and I believe I would title it "A child's Christmas" if it were mine.
December 22nd, 2020  
Good job,
December 22nd, 2020  
Great pastiche. I’m liking her work.
December 22nd, 2020  
@wakelys it's so original and fiddly!!.
@onewing most thanks Babs
@randystreat I don't yet do adult painting!!!.
@grammyn more useful than ripping it up
@dutchothotmailcom I'm glad, thank you
@joysabin I wouldn't go that far
@joansmor it was.
@salza thanks Sally
December 22nd, 2020  
this makes a really nice picture, lots of presents under that tree :)
so you have finished work for good? lucky you woohoo!
December 22nd, 2020  
i love this!
December 26th, 2020  
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